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VINNOVAVerket För Innovationssystem (Swedish agency for innovation systems)
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Sin embargo, se pueden senalar varios organismos creados para el fomento de la transferencia, como el INFOR, NUTEK y la Agencia VINNOVA para el caso sueco y Tekes y el programa INNOSUOMI-INNOFINLAND en Finlandia.
This work was financially supported by Vinnova (The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems) through the Vinn Excellence centers program.
The article is based on my PhD research, which has been supervised by Arne Kaijser and Par Blomkvist and made possible by the financial support of Volvo Research and Educational Foundations, VINNOVA (the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems), the Committee for Stockholm Research and the Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation
2006) Rationales for Public Policy Intervention from a Systems of Innovation Approach: The Case of VINNOVA.
The research on which this paper builds, is funded by the Swedish governmental authority VINNOVA, to whom I am most indebted.
David Nordfors, executive director of the VINNOVA Stanford Research Center of Innovation Journalism at Stanford University also spoke on solutions being the key elements in new business models of journalism.
In this volume, Marlund (Division of Strategy Development at VINNOVA, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovations Systems) et al.
With this aim in mind, Swedish market pulp producer, Sodra Cell and SCA Hygiene Products AB have joined forces with Chalmers University of Technology and Vinnova (the Swedish government agency for Innovation Systems).
The centre was launched in 2006 with funding from Vinnova (the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems), the Swedish vehicle industry and KTH, as well as Banverket (the Swedish National Rail Administration) and Vagverket (the Swedish Road Administration).
Authors' Note: This article was supported by the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems, VINNOVA, which has contributed financially and was patient with this research, as the study changed a great deal from the original application.
Henrekson (2002), Betydelsen av innovations system--Utmaningar for samhallet och for politiken, Vinnova Forum, VFI 2002:1.