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VINTVerkenningsinstituut Nieuwe Technologie (Dutch: Exploring New Technology Institute; Netherlands)
VINTVirtual InterNetwork Testbed (network simulator project)
VINTVideo Integrate
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Vint replaces former head Tim Devine, who stepped down from his role in May for personal reasons.
"While we are genuinely dedicated to using local vendors for nearly all of our products, being a great coffee house is central to VINT. We searched the nation and finally advanced from the idea to roasting our own coffee to selecting Dillanos Coffee Roasters.
In addition to offering the Museum nine months of free storage space for its collection of unique and rare Cold War artifacts, the Vint Hill EDA will contribute $50,000 for building renovations.
In Bodies of Tomorrow, Sherryl Vint examines connections among factual, speculative, and overtly fictional treatments of the posthuman as continuing and expanding problematic effects of the Cartesian privileging of representations of the mind, expanded by Liberal Humanism into universal abstractions and a profound disassociation from nature.
In the second section on "the political economy of cyberpunk," Sherryl Vint's essay "'The Mainstream Finds its Own Uses for Things': Cyberpunk and Commodification" stands out as a cogent application and extension of Jameson's concerns about late capitalism.
Further, whereas the anecdotal or personalized critical introduction can complicate a volume's overall contribution to reconsidering canonicity (sending a mixed message, of sorts), Reading's emphases on practical pedagogy and true interdisciplinarity raise useful questions for the student struggling with the importance of literature beyond an English Department, especially since, as Sherryl Vint and Mark Bould argue in their essay, "there is no such thing as science fiction": "SF is increasingly a generic label for media other than print, and for many now their first or formative experience of SF will be in film, television, or games" (50).
BOBBY VINT PLAYED BASKETBALL for the University of Arkansas starting in 1966, finishing up his senior year when Lanny Van Eman arrived in 1970.
Vint contacted Chris Dunning, the store manager, and set up a meeting with Dunning's wife to return the money.
The new owner is Andrew Vint, from Pelton, Chester-le-Street."
Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the interact expressed his worry on cyber crime at the event stating that he believed up to a quarter of computers on the net may already be used by cyber criminals in so-called botnets.
En 1951, il vint au Canada, au CNRC, comme boursier postdoctoral avant de se joindre, en 1954, au departement de chimie de l'Universite de Montreal.