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Perhaps this label became attached because, as North tells us, Charles II `had an utter detestation of Fancys' and thus the viol consort was completely out of favour at court.
16), the taxpayer bought a 17th century bass viol made by Ruggeri (a contemporary of Stradivari) for use in the business of playing the viol professionally.
Matthew Weldre served briefly 'upon lutes and veoldes' from December 1516 (the warrant which Holman couldn't find is in the PRO: E101/417/2), the first time the viol is specifically mentioned at the English court.
Un groupe de pays musulmans ont travaille sur la question de l'avortement et leve les obstacles pour certains cas particuliers comme en Iran en cas de viol, d'inceste ou de malformations du foetus.
Il est a rappeler que deux agents de la police ont ete condamnes a 7 ans de prison pour viol, alors que le troisieme a ecope de deux ans avec 20 mille dinars d'amende pour corruption d'agent public.
Une marche blanche a Casablanca pour denoncer les viols d'enfants
On the basis of these sections I would certainly recommend this book to advanced students of the viol (as well as to students of historical string playing in general, the category into which I, a cellist, fall).
La loi du Kenya ne reconnait pas le viol marital comme une offense cause de la presomption que le manage garantit le consentemont a l'acte soxuel.
When four viols played together clarity was somewhat sacrificed.
Performers on the lute, cittern, bandora, and lyra viol used to playing from tablature might prefer versions of their parts in that format, although regular scoring is of course more accessible to scholars and non-specialists.
Then, in 1992, the Barcelona-born Savall was tapped to direct and interpret the soundtrack for the French feature film ``Tous les matins du monde,'' starring Gerard Depardieu as the Baroque viol virtuoso and Versailles courtesan Marin Marais.
Les cours ont ete suspendus mardi dans les differentes ecoles primaires de la delegation Sidi Bouzid-Est pour protester contre un acte de viol perpetre contre un eleve d'une ecole primaire de la region et dont l'auteur est toujours en fuite.