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VHVan Halen
VHVery High
VHVan Helsing (movie)
VHVirtual Hospital
VHVampire Hunter (movie)
VHVertical Horizon (band)
VHVisible Human (National Library of Medicine)
VHVoyage Home (Star Trek Movie)
VHVirtual Host (Apache webserver)
VHViolet Hold (World of Warcraft)
VHVista Hermosa (Guatemala real estate developers)
VHVaginal Hysterectomy
VHHorizontal Velocity (maximum air velocity in level flight)
VHAmbulance Plane (US Navy)
VHVladimir Horowitz (classical pianist)
VHVapor Heated (chemical processing)
VHVery Humorous
VHVenus Hum (band)
VHVirtual Hug
VHVIP Helicopter (prefix used to describe US presidential helicopters)
VHVandal Hearts (gaming)
VHVisual Hallucination
VHVote Health (Oakland, CA)
VHNavy Rescue Squadron (US Navy)
VHVertical Transmit, Horizontal Receive (antenna polarization)
VHVentilation Haute (French: High-Level Ventilator)
VHVehicle Heading
VHVacuum Hohlraum
VHValve House
VH[not an acronym] prefix to Australian registered civil aircraft
VHNavy Air-Sea Rescue Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1930s to 1940s)
VHVentilation Heterogeneity
VHVirtuts Homòlogues (Catalan band)
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Tenders are invited for for the procurement of seat covers number of quantity 09 (one set) for the use of State owned VIP helicopter EC-145.
net has been contracted to offer VIP helicopter service to and from the Oldchella Desert Trip music Festival in Indio, CA, the company said.
For short hops, nothing beats the style of being whisked around in a VIP helicopter.
SOMETIMES There's No Other Way to arrive at a festival than in a VIP helicopter -- which is exactly what Blur frontman Damon Albarn did at the Isle of Wight Festival at the weekend.
It also provides VIP helicopter charters and tours within the UAE.
A spokesman for AgustaWestland said the company could not comment on possible defects with Lord Ballyedmond's AW139 VIP helicopter but said it was investigating.
A spokesman for AgustaWestland said it could not comment on possible defects with Lord Ballyedmond's AW139 VIP helicopter but said it was investigating.
With the Northeast's largest fleet of S-76C* aircraft, AAG is the only exclusive VIP helicopter company to own and operate its own FAA Part 145 maintenance facility and is a Sikorsky Certified Repair Center.
James is offering the lucky winner of a property competition the chance of a VIP helicopter flight and panoramic tour with him across the region.
We just had finished two months of mechanical and cosmetic work on our new VIP helicopter and were preparing it for some finish work.
After careful consideration of the market, it was clear to us that Starspeed is one of the best corporate and VIP helicopter management companies in the world, with an outstanding reputation and highest safety standards available.