VIP2Vegetative Insecticidal Protein 2
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These cores are silicon-proven and are fully compliant with the VESA VIP2 specification.
We selected Innovative's VIP2 products because we believe the combination of their VIP2 core expertise and Rendition's next generation graphics technology will give us a competitive edge in terms of time-to-market, compatibility, and upgradeability," said John Payne, Vice President and General Manager of Rendition.
As a universal standard, VIP2 meets the industry's demand for compatibility, low-cost and high-performance.
I welcome Micron to our growing list of VIP2 product licensees," said Nabil Takla, president of Innovative.
Innovative offers a complete family of VIP2 Intellectual Property (IP) core and validation suites.
Network enhancements provided by Cisco include RSP4 and VIP2 technology which boosts performance by providing higher throughput rates and offloading switching and other tasks normally performed by the router CPU.
VLSI is providing semicustom interface circuits for the VIP2 and adapter products.
The other VLSI ASIC used in the VIP2 product is of similar complexity and also packaged in a 304-pin ETE.
Cisco selected VLSI Technology to provide critical content for our next-generation VIP2 products based on their expertise in the PCI interface and advanced packaging technology as well as a reputation for first-time success silicon delivery.
Cisco's new VIP2 cards will double the performance and port density of its high-end routers.