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VIPAVirtual IP (Internet Protocol) Address
VIPAVirtual Ip Addressing
VIPAVirgin Islands Port Authority
VIPAVanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (Port Vila, Vanuatu)
VIPAVME International Physics Association
VIPAVisual Process Analyser (water monitoring)
VIPAVirtually-Imaged Phased Array
VIPAVirtual Internet Protocol Addressing
VIPAVision and Passion (Vipa Solutions; Lincoln, NE)
VIPAVanderbilt Intellectual Property Association (Vanderbilt University Law School)
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Secondly, the fact that VIPA uses its own acronym in the first part of its order numbers, and states in its catalogue that those numbers correspond to those of the Siemens programme modules, makes it possible for a distinction to be made between VIPA's and Siemens' respective identities and does not give a false impression either as to the origin of VIPA products or of there being any association between those two companies.
0 million of investments are being financed with European Union funds on-lent by VIPA.
Customers like VIPA need high performance microcontrollers that provide higher levels of integration and increased functionality to meet their needs as well as their customers," said Geoff Lees, general manager, Microcontroller Product Line, Philips Semiconductors.
The client submits with respect to the basic mission of providing the loan guaranteed by VIPA compulsory variant for credit without the facilitation guarantee.
The contract will be placed under the suspensive condition of approval by VIPA (*) of the submitted dossier subsidization.
alternate connection associated with the same VIPA.
This new generator is the proper size to serve our facility and will burn less fuel, which is good for our finances and great for our environment, said VIPA Executive Director Carlton Dowe.
The contract will be awarded under the suspensive condition of approval by VIPA (*) of the subsidy dossier submitted.