VIPACVirtual Israel Political Action Committee
VIPACVIbration, Pressure and Acoustics (Melbourne, Australia)
VIPACVictorian Partnership for Advanced Computing (est. 2000; Australia)
VIPACVirtual Institute for Particle Cosmology (Germany)
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VIPAC RD uses auto-focus line-scan cameras to capture high-resolution images of parcels travelling through on powered conveyors.
Lyl Ingeneria installed VIPAC RD at DHL's three Spanish distribution centres.
In addition to image archiving and analysis tools, DHL's VIPAC RD systems feature web-based monitoring software that provides a variety of information, such as throughput rates and the operating status of each VIPAC RD unit.
A VIPAC D2 system operates above each of Interlink Express Smethwick's five sorters, which run at 2.
VIPAC D2 measures the time it takes the lasers to return to the sensors and the beam displacement to build three-dimensional images of parcels travelling through the system.
VIPAC, a vinyl packaging company, is opening an office in Karachi, Pakistan, to be managed by Mazher Batla.
But today, they're getting more receptive to innovation," said Morris Abraham, president of VIPAC, the Edison, N.
VIPAC, however, has not raised prices and has guaranteed rates for the entire year.