VIPARVirtual Information Processing Agent Research
VIPARVehicle Industry PARts & Manufacturing Company, Inc. (trade organization)
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Shum et al., "Virtual interactive presence and augmented reality (VIPAR) for remote surgical assistance," Neurosurgery, vol.
Vipar Auto Cambodia manager Di Sokkheoun is quick to point out that their company, an offshoot of Indian giant Bajaj Vipar Auto, the world's third-largest manufacturer of motorbikes, has made many modifications to the base model to make it right at home in Cambodia.
Heat two: 1 Slick Swainy, 2 Judicial Ace, 3 Bluestone Lane (m), 4 Vipar Totti (m), 5 Blackmagic Jack (m), 6 Perrys Corleone (m).
Diverse range of automotive and Pouch 340008 heavy equipment parts, industrial Prudhoe Bay, AK 99734 and hydraulic hose, hardware, Phone: 907-659-2550 welding equipment, safety and MRO Fax: 907-659-2650 supplies, propane refilling, oil spill materials, lubricants, WSB fuel and oil enhancement products, hand and power tools, NAPA, True Value, VIPAR, IWDC Welding.
In alphabetical order, the August list comprises Barnfield On Air, Barnfield Loreto, Boherna Best, Farloe Merlin, Jesters Nap, Movealong Blue, Seamies Gambler, Unique Double and Vipar Totti.
VIPAR TOTTI showed he is back to his best for a near trap-to-line victory in the John Smith's Kent Derby at Sittingbourne on Sunday, writes Emma Johns.
A decent crowd saw Vipar Totti scoop the third heat from outsider Brother Mick, with the wellfancied Toosey Blue making a shock exit back in third.
Heat 3 - 8.36pm: 11-10 Seanis Strike 2 Black Ice Boss 5 Vipar Totti 7 Mystical Haka 12 Island Storm 25 Swhimasdylan.