VIPIRVolumetric Imaging and Processing of Integrated Radar (Baron Services)
VIPIRVolumetric and Infrastructure Petroleum Information Registry (Alberta Department of Resource Development)
VIPIRVariable in Plane Index of Refraction (Ionic Systems; San Jose, CA)
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The VIPIR weather system is the first to combine photorealistic mapping, powerful 3D graphics and BAMS forecasting data into a single, real- time environment.
The company also supplied a VIPIR system to CNN to aid in its continuous weather coverage.
0 Venetex Corporation, Fujinon & JAI Corporation: C-Hybrid Lens VertigoXmedia: Xpresenter DTV Pick of Show All Mobile Video: Matrix Apple & Panasonic: 100 Mbps DV-HD over IEEE 1394 Axcera: Innovator HX High Power Solid State VHF Transmitter Baron Services: VIPIR 24/7 with Optional Gesture Recognition & Voice Recognition Belden: Brilliance DigiTruck 179DT Video Coaxial Cable Camplex: PRO-X1 Centurfax: Blue.