VIPLVirtual Interface Provider Library
VIPLVisual Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. (Gujarat, India)
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Lack of proper foundation of the VIPL is demonstrated by the missing side walls (see Figure 2b).
Missing or corroded fly screens were detected in some VIPLs around Makana, while a complete breakdown of the sanitation facilities was observed at other sites (see Figure 3 for details).
2008) Molecular basis of sugar recognition by the human L-type lectins ERGIC-53, VIPL, and VIP36.
Variaveis(1) Valor do teste Valor p (2) VIFO 1,764 0,000* VIFR 1,302 0,059ns VIPL 1,551 0,000* VEFR 1,472 0,000* VERA 1,267 0,000* ANFR 2,475 0,000* (1) VIFO, VIFR e VIPL = severidade da virose nas folhas, frutos e distribuicao na planta, respectivamente; VEFR e VERA = severidade da verrugose nos frutos e ramos, respectivamente; ANFR = severidade da antracnose no fruto, (2) probabilidade do erro (p< 0,05); ns = nao significativo.
CRISIL believes that VIPL will continue to benefit from its healthy relations with its key buyers in the domestic market, over the medium term.
Incorporated in 1986, VIPL manufactures aluminium and copper wires (wire drawing and insulation) and copper and aluminium strips.
For 2009-10 (refers to financial year, April 1 to March 31), VIPL reported a profit after tax of Rs.
VIPL is another L-type lectin cargo receptor localized in the ER.
When cells were subjected to ER stress, there was a marked redistribution of ERGIC-53 from the ER to the Golgi, with a morphological change to a compact shape, whereas VIPL remained unchanged in its localization in the ER.
VIPL, which also preferentially recognizes deglucosylated A-arms, may bring correctly folded proteins to ERGIC-53, the cargo receptor that transports the peptide from the ER though ERGIC to the Golgi.