VIPOVisual Industry Promotion Organization (Japan)
VIPOVirtual Intellectual Property Organization (IP related legal services provider for users of virtual environments)
VIPOVeuf Invalide Pensionné Orphelin (French: widowed, invalid, pensioner, orphan)
VIPOVolumetric Integral Physical Optics
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Lastly, the reduced rank model, in which the overall effect of each climatic season and localities (coefficient a) and the intensity of this effect in each transition (coefficient g) were estimated separately, showed that the major effects were achieved in the summer and in the Vipos River (a = -0.
The analysis of the effect of the local habitats on the transitions revealed that Rosario de la Frontera, Potrero de las Tablas and Vipos Rivers have a significant effect on the transition from larvae to death.
summer was observed to be the season that exerts the most influence on the transitions from larvae to death and from pupae to death, and Vipos River was the locality in which both of these transitions was lower, resulting in a reduced risk of larval death in this locality.
1% Total 1,404 100% * RF, Rosario de la Frontera River in Salta province; and the following in Tucuman province: VP, Vipos River; EC, El Cadillal; and PT, Potrero de las Tablas River.
So when viPOS came out, we really geared it toward the small stores in the beginning, but within a year, we ended up putting them in larger stores, some with more than 20 lanes, and in doing this, we started adding features until eventually it became a full-fledged front end system, including integrated credit/debit and frequent shopper programs.
RORC's two products are its StoreWin host system and viPOS point-of-sale system.
Back-office Software: The viPOS product includes an extensive back-office component that supports financial reporting, cash management and cashier monitoring.
Self-checkout: viPOS integrates with NCR's Fastlane self-checkout system