VIPPVersnellingsprogramma Informatie-Uitwisseling Patiënt En Professional (Dutch: Patient and Professional Acceleration Program Information-Exchange)
VIPPVashon Island Pet Protectors (Washington)
VIPPVictorian Industry Participation Policy (Australia)
VIPPVisiting International Professional Program
VIPPVerified Internet Pharmacy Practice
VIPPVisualization in Participatory Programmes (participatory methodology)
VIPPVariable Information Postscript Printware (Xerox software for printing variable information)
VIPPVariable Information Processing Package
VIPPVerslo, Informaciniai ir Pramoginiai Projektai (Lithuanian: Business, Information and Entertainment Projects)
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The pilot study was a preliminary investigation of the impact of VIPP on psychosocial functioning, that is, adaptation to vision loss, helplessness, self-efficacy, mental health, and fear of falling.
The Leiden VIPP and VIPP-R Study: Evaluation of a short-term preventive attachment-based intervention in infancy.
com, which has received a VIPP seal of approval from the NABP, recommended that such a program be a "model for the purpose of promulgating regulations to implement .
A VIPP is a company to resell electricity and does not involve any change in ownership or operational control of any generating assets.
VIPP, A DANISH COMPANY KNOWN THROUGHOUT EUROPE for its high-end trash cans, has opened a U.
According to original principles, the VIPP and real markets are separated and VIPP contract holders can not spill excess energy to the real market and have no access to Top Up (energy from the ESB in excess of the VIPP contractor's contractual requirement).
The contractor will participate in monthly conference calls with the VIPP and provide monthly progress reports to the project manager.
Ms DAmbrosio also announced the release of the VIPP Strategic Project Pipeline.
This is a VIPP type of structure (60) with four independent spans.
THE HOUSE OF VIPP, an upscale European housewares and design firm, and 30 French designers -- including Christian Lacroix, Phillipe Starck, Chantal Thomass, Agnes B.