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VIPRVirgin Islands and Puerto Rico
VIPRVisible Intermodal Prevention and Response (aka Visible Intermodal Protection and Response; US DHHS)
VIPRVoice over Ip Router
VIPRVisual Imperative Programming
VIPRVasoactive Intestinal Peptide Receptor
VIPRvisual pattern recognition
VIPRVastly Understampled Isotropic Projection (radiology)
VIPRVisible Intermodal Protection and Response (aka Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response)
VIPRVirtual Presence
VIPRVisual Intermodal Protection and Response (US TSA)
VIPRVoltage/Ion Probe Reader
VIPRVideo Imaging and Photographic Requirements
VIPRVersatile Inexpensive Pulsed Radar
VIPRVision/Image Processing Research
VIPRVirtual-Tape Interface to Pool Routine
VIPRVendor Initiated Parts Re-Supply
VIPRVirtual Internet Protocol Routing (Ascend)
VIPRValidation In-Process Review
VIPRValve Integrated Pressure Regulator
VIPRVery Important Person Reap (Dead Like Me TV show)
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Following the 2016 terrorist attacks at airports and subways in Brussels and Turkey, Congress passed and the President signed into law the Aviation Security Act of 2016 which included a measure led by Senator Heinrich to increase the authorized number of VIPR teams from 30 to 60.
The Senators asked Secretary Nielsen to clarify the decision to eliminate funding for VIPR and what capability DHS intends to deploy in place of VIPR to enhance State and local law enforcement efforts to secure surface and aviation transportation hubs.
Since 2011, NASA has partnered with the Air Force Research Laboratory, Federal Aviation Administration, Boeing Research & Technology, Pratt and Whitney, General Electric Aviation and Rolls-Royce Liberty Works on the VIPR project.
Sometimes VIPR searches are done on people as they exit trains.
VIPR teams feel they are beyond the search protections of the Fourth Amendment.
A successful pilot could lead to incorporating elements of VIPR into DLA's and AMC's operating procedures.
The company describes itself as a drug discovery company and lists its VIPR (voltage ion probe reader), GenomeScreen and green fluorescent protein technologies (GFP), and its UHTSS (ultra-high throughput screening system) platform as proprietary.
187) VIPR teams, which include other TSA and DHS personnel work with local security and law enforcement officials to supplement existing security resources, provide deterrent presence and detection capabilities, and introduce an element of unpredictability to disrupt potential terrorist planning activities.
An early morning walk around Carsington Reservoir was followed by a VIPR session with Marlon, a very fit and foxy instructor, with bags of enthusiasm.