VIQVessel Inspection Questionnaire
VIQVery Important Question
VIQValues Identification Questionnaire
VIQVerbal IQ
VIQVariation in Quantity
VIQVolunteer and Information Quinte (Ontario, Canada)
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2000) reported that the correlations between the abbreviated and full version of the K-WAIS for VIQ, PIQ, and FSIQ were 0.
39 MR that provided sensitivity of approximately 95% and specificity of 100% was for detection of FM females with VIQ <70 (Table 1A).
both broad Receptive and Expressive scores are < 85 with VIQ and/or PIQ[greater than or equal to]85 (RE1), i.
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Table 2 Pearson Correlations Between the GME parameters (at TI and in the Difference between Ti and T2) and the Participants' Scores on CARS, GARS, and WPPSI-III GME parameter CARS GARS FSIQ VIQ PIQ GME measures at Time 1 VAF -0.
6-11) (g) Verbal raw score 19 [+ or -] 5 19 [+ or -] 5 19 [+ or -] 6 Performance raw 19 [+ or -] 5 19 [+ or -] 5 19 [+ or -] 5 score Processing speed 13 [+ or -] 9 12 [+ or -] 9 13 [+ or -] 9 raw score VIQ 80 [+ or -] 79 [+ or -] 80 [+ or -] 9.
We used the nonparametric Mann-Whitney 2-sample test to compare medians of the methylation percentage for all FREE2 units for FM samples and control and PM samples, and for FM carriers with FSIQ, VIQ, and PIQ values <70 and FM carriers with FSIQ, VIQ, and PIQ values >70.
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Looking more closely at the performance of individual students in the DTT and control groups (see Table 3) we see that in the control group the WPPSI-III VIQ, PIQ and FSIQ of students 7, 8, 9, and 12 remained extremely stable over the course of the academic year, with standard score differences ranging from 0 to 8 points.
Nevertheless, significant differences were found between the groups on VIQ (F(4, 432) = 2.
TABLE 4 Assessment Data, Relation to Minutes Spent Outside the General Classroom Interaction Main Effect With Race Variable Name n F p F p VIQ 228 3.
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