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VIRGILVirtual Global Interface Link (Tom Clancy's Net Force book series)
VIRGILVirtual Geophysical Imaging Laboratory (fictional holographic 3D model of Yellowstone)
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The Virgil Flowers series is now eight novels (and counting).
Full Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) With the latest software release, clinical trial sponsors can deploy all rating scale forms to the Virgil tablet to capture a holistic view of any subject's condition at any time during a study.
It's not my place to say if Virgil should stay with Celtic - all I can say is he's a really good player.
The Champions League is where Virgil and all our boys want to be playing.
Indeed, Virgil uses the word votes, or "prophet," of himself first in the invocation to the Muse at the beginning of the second half of the poem: "tu vatem, tu, diva, mone.
My advice to Virgil is to stay longer and win more medals – then go on to a better league with those under his belt.
Off-White c/o Virgil |Abloh at Selfridges The demand for Abloh's designs has rocketed in the UK in recent years thanks to his high profile fanbase, including some of the biggest names in rap music like Kanye West.
26) Giacomo Poletto makes an interesting distinction between the telepathy of Virgil and that of Beatrice and the saints--giving us one more infinitesimal gradation in the borderline between human and angelic.
Virgil follows a path of continuous violence in his job as wildlife officer with Florida Fish and Game and 'danger' is his middle name as he becomes immersed in worlds that continually mirror his Vietnam experiences: "He crawled from the trees on that morning, bareheaded, within three hundred meters of the point he sought four days earlier on the map he no longer had.
Virgil accompanies medieval bard Dante on his fictional journey through hell in his epic 14th century work, The Inferno.
SPRINGFIELD - Virgil Martin wasn't physically at the Springfield powwow on Saturday.
Beyond the many definitions of exile that we encountered in the Virgil Ierunca's writings, simple, the exile involves some sure changes both emotionally and in terms of reason.