VIRMOSVisible Infra-Red Multi-Object Spectrograph (European Southern Observatory; Chile)
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After the show, Virmos Bar manager, Mr Carlito said the show was very successful and he is scouting for more stars to bring to his bar.
Kant afirmava que se nao virmos na propriedade senao a detencao material, sera facil destrui-la analiticamente.
Indeed, says Lahav, by measuring clustering properties at large redshifts (up to z = 2), deep surveys "will fill in the gap between the cosmic background radiation ripples of 14 billion years ago and the here and now of the 2dF survey." Two such projects are currently under way: the Lick Observatory DEEP (Deep Extragalactic Evolutionary Probe) survey, which is being carried out with the Keck telescopes in Hawaii and with the Hubble Space Telescope; and the French-Italian VIRMOS survey running on the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope in Chile.
E ha falta de investimento por parte do hospital, pois se eles investissem, por exemplo, pagando hora-extra para nos virmos em horarios fora do nosso plantao, para tentar fazer essa sistematizacao.