VIRRValley Isle Road Runners (est. 1970; Maui, HI)
VIRRVisible Infrared Radiometer
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(46) "Troup made a corner, Critchley took it, Virr helped it along and Dean, near in, made no error about a gift."
The presence of other lexemes played a role here, such as [phrase omitted] 'low mountain, steep slope' (AH 37); 'low mountain, hill' ([phrase omitted] 45); 'mountain, steep slope' (K 18), [phrase omitted] 'forest-covered hillock, varaka' ([phrase omitted] 124), [phrase omitted] 'low hillock' ([phrase omitted]), and virr 'slope, range' (K09 : 123).
| The teams were: Everton - Davies, goal, Cresswell (captain) and O'Donnell, backs, Kelly, Hart, and Virr half-backs, Ritchie, Dunn, Dean, Weldon and Troup, forwards.
Malcolm Jones, president, Stourbridge RFC, Michael Portillo, guest speaker, Mark Harris, senior business development manager, Lloyds TSB Bank Left: David Allport, Robert Virr, James Allport, Lyubov Mokerova
"I believe that the addition of Masterkey's functionality to the Zavanti suite does more than just add features to our current solution set," said Nick Virr, Zavanti UK business development director.
Simon Virr, 33, of Waterbeach, near Cambridge, was barred from boarding a bus in Cambridge on Monday because he was carrying a five-litre pot of emulsion.
Simon Virr, 33, was told by the driver that if it spilled the bus would be out of action for two hours.
The mag's Paul Virr said: "It's interesting to see a crossover of classic and modern characters such as Worzel Gummidge and Sponge Bob Square Pants in the top 10.
The council's investigators caught Jack Virr, 25, dropping a van load of rubbish on Brick Street on the edge of Cleckheaton.
She is also a member of the prize-winning Virr string quartet.
Tom's Great Uncle was Albert Virr, a title winner with Everton in 1927-28.