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There are valuable, user-focused resources such as the VHA data portal (an online gateway to VHA data information, resources, and training), VIReC (a resource center designated to provide guidance to VHA researchers using data), and VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (an environment that provides researchers access to analytical tools and clinical and administrative data sets).
VIReC Research User Guide: Fiscal Year 2014 VHA Medical SAS Outpatient Datasets & Inpatient Encounters Datasets.
2018), because these data have been available to VA researchers within the VA under an agreement with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services via the VIReC for more than fifteen years and have well-established documentation and file structures (Hynes et al.
[17.] VIReC. VIReC research user guide: VHA pharmacy prescription data.
Prior to release, VIREC assigns unique scrambled social security numbers to the Medicare claims that are consistent with scrambled social security numbers provided in other VA national patient-level data, to allow merging CMS claims with VA health care records.
[3.] VIReC research user guide: FY2006 VHA Medical SAS inpatient datasets.
Finally, we obtained Medicare claims data from the VA Information Resource Center (VIReC; Hynes et al.
The VA Medical SAS files (VIReC 2015a,b) provided data on outpatient, inpatient, and nursing home encounters in VA facilities, including dates of service, diagnoses, and patient demographics.
In this analysis, we linked data from the VA Musculoskeletal Disorders Cohort with claims data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) from VA Information Resource Center (VIReC) using patient scrambled SSN (VIReC 2016).
"Using VA Corporate Data Warehouse for Health Services Research." 2072 VIReC Database and Methods Cyber Seminar Series.