VIReCVA Information Resource Center
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Abbreviations: CMS = Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, CY = calendar year, HERC = Health Economics Resource Center, MAX = Medicaid Analytic Extract, MSIS = Medicaid Statistical Information System, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs, VIReC = VA Information Resource Center.
VIReC research user guide: FY2004 VHA Medical SAS Inpatient dataset.
VIReC technical report 1: Comparison of VA outpatient prescriptions in the DSS datasets and the PBM database.
The Medical SAS Inpatient and Outpatient Datasets--FY2000: A VIReC Resource Guide.
Automated data files were obtained from the VA Austin Automation Center and the VIReC.
Identification of Acute Stroke and Stroke Date Our first study objective was to ascertain whether additional acute stroke cases could be identified by the Medicare data housed at VIReC.
We also thank the staff at the VIReC and the VHA for their assistance in extracting relevant Medicare data.