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VISAVisa International Service Association (credit card company)
VISAVirtual Instrument Software Architecture
VISAVoluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement
VISAVancomycin Intermediate/Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
VISAVictorian Institute of Sport Assessment (Australia)
VISAVirtual Instrument Standard Architecture
VISAVisual Interactive Sensitivity Analysis
VISAVertically Integrated Sensor Arrays
VISAVillanova Indian Students Association (Pennsylvania)
VISAVisually Impaired Spectators Association (UK)
VISAVirgin Islands Student Association
VISAVietnamese SEARCA Fellows Association
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Yet, many firms are unaware that these costs can be managed more efficiently with Visa's suite of payment solutions such as the Visa Central Travel Account," says Rafael de la Vega, vice president of Commercial Solutions, Visa International, Latin America and Caribbean Region.
The Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act (EBSA) established October 26, 2004, as a deadline.
And for many of these online companies whose revenues depend on Visa transactions, the heightened security measures are likely to be devastating if they continue much longer.
Enabling unique life experiences and providing benefits that align with cardholders' interests is a key element of Visa Signature," said Jennifer Schulz, vice president, consumer credit products, Visa USA.
Until today, MULTOS had not yet been certified as a platform for Visa International's chip applications and so Banka Koper had been unable to realise the full benefits of deploying a consistent open standard platform for all its smart card issuance needs.
Lyons, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Visa USA.
SEATTLE -- Tully's Coffee (Tully's) and Visa today announced their collaboration to make it easier for customers to grab their coffee and go by accepting Visa Contactless payments, an innovative new payment technology that speeds up transactions, making purchases faster and more convenient than cash transactions.
We expected that supermarkets and electronics stores would see the largest increases in spending as consumers stock up on chips, dips, beer and flat-screen TVs," said Wayne Best, senior vice president, business and economic analysis, Visa USA.
To analyze the relevant issues faced by banks and corporate clients, Visa commissioned Dr.
Although this year turned out to be softer than many had predicted, overall results for the 2006 holiday period were very respectable," said Wayne Best, senior vice president of business and economic analysis for Visa USA.