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VISARVirgin Islands Search and Rescue (British Virgin Islands)
VISARVideo Image Stabilization and Registration (image enhancement software)
VISARVienna Interdisciplinary Symposium on Aortic Repair (cardiology)
VISARVictorian Injury Surveillance and Applied Research System (Australia)
VISARVelocity Interferometer System for Any Reflector
VISARVoice Interoperability System for Amateur Radio
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The NASA scientists' invention -- called Video Image Stabilization and Registration, or VISAR - will be available in a video tracking and enhancement system developed by Intergraph Government Solutions, a subsidiary of Intergraph Corp.
1) VISAR Licensed from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration under U.
VISAR technology gained national attention in 1996 when the FBI used it to analyze video of the bombings at the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta.