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VISARVirgin Islands Search and Rescue (British Virgin Islands)
VISARVideo Image Stabilization and Registration (image enhancement software)
VISARVienna Interdisciplinary Symposium on Aortic Repair (cardiology)
VISARVictorian Injury Surveillance and Applied Research System (Australia)
VISARVelocity Interferometer System for Any Reflector
VISARVoice Interoperability System for Amateur Radio
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Visar can now eat solid food for the first time after the operation organised by charity No Frontiers.
Putting the past behind him, Visar Zhiti now works for the Albanian parliament.
Urvalet av foraldrar visar dock att det var en heterogen grupp med breda erfarenheter av relationen till en person med psykisk sjukdom vilket mojliggjorde en bred variation av utsagor.
But Visar's return from hospital in Aberdeen, where doctors cured a throat condition that stopped him eating solid food, was the cue for them to forget their hardships.
Staff at the Royal Aberdeen Children's ospital gave Visar a clean bill of health last week and said he could expect to lead a normal life.
Visar had been brought to Britain for lifesaving surgery to correct a throat condition.
A new minister without portfolio responsible for foreign investors will have to be appointed as well considering Ramiz Merko of BDI beat Ziadin Sela of the Alliance for Albanians in the race for the mayoral office in Struga Sunday and Visar Ganiu of BDI who was elected mayor of Cair has so far filled the office of deputy minister of education.
SDSM reports that they will race with Petre Silegov in Skopje, and BDI will race with Visar Ganiu in Cair and both parties will have their own lists of candidates for advisors, informs
A Syrian migrant mother, holding her child, breaks down in tears as they <B reach a beach in Greece, after crossing the Aegean from Turkey Visar Kryeziu
Visar Fida, Director of the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion, said that the company representatives made a decision to invest in Macedonia following months of negotiations.
We are trying to do the same in Brazil", he added.Vice Premier and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski presented the country's macroeconomic indicators, saying they offered functional and predictable business-planning environment.Minister for Foreign Investments Vele Samak referred to possibilities for investments in the automotive and ICT industries, as well as benefits from investments in the infrastructure field.Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion director Visar Fida focused on the benefits offered by technological-industrial development zones, tax exemptions and state assistance for investors.On Tuesday, the Government delegation will attend a Sao Paolo business forum and meet with chamber representatives and businessmen.