VISATVulnerability Identification Self-Assessment Tool (US Department of Homeland Security)
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"Through the years, Jornadas has increased the participation of programmers and cable operators [from the region]," commented Pablo Zehle of Televisa's Visat.
Ensuring the right to health of these workers represents great challenge to public health programs, of which VISAT programs form part.
The social and epidemiological indicators provide a north to the actions of VISAT, in the interventions based upon the identification of risky situations, vulnerability or impact on the health of workers.
Bruce Boren, director general of Mexico City-based VISAT, explained that the pay TV channels are made of programming that is 50 percent produced by VISAT-Televisa and 50 percent acquired from foreign and domestic sources.
This thematic issue focuses primarily on the priority defined by the PNST to bolster VISAT and its integration with the other components of health surveillance, aimed at promoting health and healthy work environments and processes.
With the VISAT program, which is aimed at intervening in those environments, procedures and forms of work organization that can constitute threats to health, a preventive dimension has come to form part of occupational health.
In such cases, the healthcare sector, VISAT in particular, should rise to the challenge posed by early detection of clinical signs and symptoms predictive of future respiratory illnesses among civil construction workers occupationally exposed to environmental contaminants (7).
The available legal and operational support notwithstanding, several studies showed that the advancements made by VISAT are rather conceptual, instead of involving actual programmatic actions in the covered area (2,4).
Voltando a atencao para o campo do trabalho, Machado (5) refere que a vigilancia em saude do trabalhador (VISAT) pode ser considerada como um dos campos da vigilancia em saude cuja caracteristica singular de intervencao e sua acao na transformacao do trabalho no sentido da promocao da saude.
Tidigare studier (2) har ocksa visat att behovet av stressreducering for foraldrar till en son/dotter med psykisk sjukdom ar viktig, da dessa foraldrar lever under pafallande hoga stressnivaer och ar utlamnade at sig sjalva for att kunna hantera sin egen situation.
Mereu a visat ca fruntea ei ridata, labarfata va fi folosita drept cotor de piele la un exemplar de lux al edifiei mele de postume.
As current saturates, the power in a ULSI circuit is governed by P = VIsat and hence becomes a linear function of voltage, in direct contrast to square law dictated by Ohm's law.