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VISDVashon Island School District (Vashon, WA)
VISDVictorian Institute of Steel Detailers (Australia)
VISDVidor Independent School District
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The worksite was the Victoria (Texas) Independent School District (VISD).
As noted earlier, visual demand (VisD) is an indicator of visual mental workload.
A 2 (visual occlusion) x 3 (curve radius) repeated-measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) was conducted for most dependent measures, except for VisD and lane excursions.
VisD increased significantly as curve radius decreased, F(2, 28) = 52.17, p < .0001, MSE = .002, [[eta].sup.2] = .78, in which a significant linear trend accounted for 99.8% of the variance.
Pearson product-moment correlation coefficients between VisD and the three cardiac measures were computed to better understand the relation between visual demand and cardiac change across the curve radius manipulation.