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VISEVolunteers for Isolated Students' Education (Australia)
VISEVenus In-Situ Explorer (US NASA)
VISEVirtual Secretary
VISEVideo and Image Systems Engineering (Purdue University; Indiana)
VISEVirtual Infantry Section Experiment (military simulation; Australia)
VISEValcom Incremental Shaft Encoder (Valcom Manufacturing Group, Inc.; Canada)
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The two men came against each other in grips, and almost before he had exerted himself the Irishman found himself in the merciless vise of a half-Nelson that buried him head and shoulders in the snow.
The Irishman grunted again and made a frantic struggle to twist his body around, but the wedging bodies on either side held him in a vise.
You have a high spirit, a high standard; but with you it's all natural and unaffected; you don't seem to have stuck your head into a vise, as if you were sitting for the photograph of propriety.
He stood with the two ladies, seizing both by their hands, persuading them, and giving them reasons with astonishing plainness of speech, and at almost every word he uttered, probably to emphasise his arguments, he squeezed their hands painfully as in a vise.
beaucoup moins que] En consequence, le president Trump a decide l'arret de la participation des Etats-Unis a la preparation du Pacte qui vise a obtenir un consensus a l'ONU en 2018 [beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-elle ajoute.
Vise added that the majority of guns handed in will be destroyed.
A pipe wrench will ruin a barrel nut even if it does tighten the nut, and a receiver clamped in a vise will likely bend, no matter how many rags you wrap around it.
First off, it is super rugged and heavy duty for a medium-size vise and strong enough to remove barrels from guns.
Basically, I just use a smaller vise mounted in my large bench vise.
Le directeur de l'organisation a l'etat du Nord-Darfour l'ingenieur Mohamad Siddiq a declare a la SUNA que le projet du gaz est choisi parmi dix autres projets reussis au monde qui ont ete presentes a la journee de l'ONU sur les changements climatique en Irlande et ont acquis la medaille des projets reussis, signalant que ce projet vise a proteger l'environnement et augmenter les revenues des familles ainsi qu'a reduire les emissions de dioxyde de carbone.
Concu comme une [beaucoup moins que]pepiniere[beaucoup plus grand que] de projets, SafirLab vise egalement, a permettre l'emergence d'un reseau fonde sur des valeurs communes et le partage d'experiences.
Orange Vise manufactures CNC machine vises and quick change fixturing components in Orange County, California, using a Mori Seiki NHX4000 high speed horizontal machining center.