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VISITVisitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology (US Homeland Security Department)
VISITVoluntary Initiatives for Sustainability in Tourism (est. 2004; EU)
VISITVirtual Immersion in Scientific Inquiry for Teachers (online collaboration)
VISITVirtual Interactive Shipboard Instructional Tour (Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division)
VISITVirtual Institute for Satellite Integration and Training (US National Weather Service)
VISITVERDIN/ISABPS/SSIXS Integrated Telecommunications
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"Then, if he should forget that visit, you would find no inconvenience in reminding him of it?"
Having parted from my friend, I determined to visit some remote spot of Scotland and finish my work in solitude.
"I will see them both," returned the inspector; "I must conscientiously perform my duty." This was the inspector's first visit; he wished to display his authority.
Thus he had come down, foreseeing with confidence how almost everything would be in his familiar little world; fearing, indeed, that there would be no surprises in his visit. But he had found that humdrum world in a terribly dynamic condition, in which even badinage and lyrism had turned explosive; and the first day of this visit had become the most fatal epoch of his life.
Perry was an intelligent, gentlemanlike man, whose frequent visits were one of the comforts of Mr.
In the course of the next day the first of the usual betrothal visits were exchanged.
Thwackum was likewise pretty assiduous in his visits; and he too considered a sick-bed to be a convenient scene for lectures.
On every formal visit a child ought to be of the party, by way of provision for discourse.
The name of Waban signified, in the Indian tongue, wind; so that when the preacher uttered the words, "say to the wind," it was as if he had proclaimed, "say to Waban." As this man afterwards exerted much influence in awaking the attention of his fellow savages to Christianity, it might seem that in this first visit of the messengers of the gospel he was singled out by a special call to work in the cause.
Here ample time will be given not only to look over the city, which was founded six hundred years before the Christian era, and its artificial port, the finest of the kind in the Mediterranean, but to visit Paris during the Great Exhibition; and the beautiful city of Lyons, lying intermediate, from the heights of which, on a clear day, Mont Blanc and the Alps can be distinctly seen.
A MILLIONAIRE who had gone to an almshouse to visit his father met a Neighbour there, who was greatly surprised.
The pilgrim woman was appeased and, being encouraged to talk, gave a long account of Father Amphilochus, who led so holy a life that his hands smelled of incense, and how on her last visit to Kiev some monks she knew let her have the keys of the catacombs, and how she, taking some dried bread with her, had spent two days in the catacombs with the saints.