VISNVeterans Integrated Service Network
VISNVisual Interactive Support Network
VISNVirtual Integrated Sky Network
VISNVision Interfaith Satellite Network (now Hallmark Channel)
VISNVirtual Integrated Sky Network (Loral Orion)
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At the meeting, McDonald said he was eliminating the VISN structure and replacing it with five geographical areas.
Data from October 1, 2010, to December 31, 2011, were obtained on the number of clients, total number of group contacts, and total number of individual client contacts among HUD-VASH programs nationally and specifically from eight sites in VISN 1, which included facilities at Togus, Maine; Manchester, New Hampshire; White River Junction, Vermont; Providence, Rhode Island; West Haven and Newington, Connecticut; Boston, Massachusetts; Northampton, Massachusetts; and Bedford, Massachusetts.
states: “We are especially proud to enhance the safety of our brave veterans in this VISN as well as at locations throughout the country.
VA's 10 existing inpatient blind rehabilitation centers will continue to provide the department's most intensive eye care programs, but each VISN now will also provide outpatient-based blind rehabilitation care.
This is the third such agreement concluded between Sysmex and VISN.
VISN directors were instructed to downsize staffs, consolidate services where possible, and cut costs.
Consequently, the result is bad information collection at the VISN level, and worse, at the VA central office.
Therefore, comparison of the national CDW with regional VISN warehouses that also use the local VistA systems as their source can provide indirect evidence as to whether the national CDW accurately reflects data stored in local VistA systems.
The 1176 document proceeds down the structural management line beginning with the VA undersecretary for health, then to the chief consultant SCl/D, then to the VISN cirector, the medical facility cirector at each VA hospital, to the chief of staff or chief medical officer of a non-SCI VA facility.