VISPAVäisälä Institute for Space Physics and Astronomy (Finland)
VISPAVirginia Internet Service Providers Alliance
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Made of vinyl, the nonwoven, continuous filament-bonded ViSpa material is durable, withstands paraffin spillage, and is resistant to mold, mildew, most acids, solvents and bleach.
Vispa Internet's broadband packages come with a static IP as well as free virus and spam protection for e-mail services.
Vispa users will have control over the anti-spam scanning capabilities and can adjust the strength of the filter for each e-mail address in their account.
Support for my interpretation comes from the fact that, as it stands, vispa ta is syntactically anomalous.
Now in a steep climb, the train uses cogs to ascend and descend in the Matter Vispa valley.
Virgin.Net won plaudits for being cheap and having "good customer service", while Vispa "goes out of its way to sort your problem out...