VISSRVisible and Infrared Spin Scan Radiometer
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Five bands of AGRI are heritage from FY-2 VISSR (0.55-0.75,3.5-4.0,6.3-7.6,10.3-11.3, and 11.5-12.5 [micro]m) and similar to those on the current GOES Imager (Menzel and Purdom 1994) and the Japanese Multifunctional Transport Satellite (MTSAT) Imager.
Compared with the current FY-2 VISSR, the FY-4A AGRI will have nine more spectral bands, increased spectral resolution, improved radiometric accuracy, and improved imager registration and navigation.
standard atmosphere, along with the spectral coverage of the VISSR (green) on board the FY-2, AGRI (red) on board the FY-4, and SEVIRI (blue) on board the MSG.