VITCVertical Interval Time Code
VITCVermont Information Technology Center (Burlington, VT)
VITCVertical Integrated Time Code
VITCVisvesvaraya Industrial Trade Center (India)
VITCVision Information Technology Corporation (Teterboro, NJ)
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Las ratas fueron divididas en cuatro grupos: 1 = control, grupo 2 = diabeticas (inyectadas con streptozotocina (STZ) a dosis de 60 mg/kg de peso, grupo 3 = VitC + STZ (tratados con VitC 700 mg/kg via oral + STZ) y grupo 4 = tratados con VitC).
A los grupos experimentales 3 y 4 se les administro el tratamiento con VitC (700 mg/kg en el agua de bebida, durante 6 dias), a partir del quinto dia de la induccion de diabetes.
VitC is a naturally occurring small carbohydrate (3-keto-L-gulofuranlactone) synthesized by a two-step reaction mainly from L-galactose or D-galacturonic acid in green plants [4].
VitC is considered the most relevant naturally occurring reducing substance [10].
Vitamin C (VitC) could alleviate multiple organ injury and inhibit inflammatory responses under various ischemia/reperfusion conditions such as sepsis, cardiac arrest, and shock.[sup][12] The organ-protective effect of VitC has been related to the attenuation of inflammatory response, neutrophil infiltration, cell apoptosis, and induction of heme oxygenase-1.[sup][13],[14] Studies on the relationship between DC-SIGN and VitC are scarce.
Using a rat HS model, the present study demonstrated that HS induced DC-SIGN expression in rat renal tubular epithelial cells and VitC suppressed this phenomenon.
Briefly, about 105 orbital fibroblasts were seeded in a 3.5-cm culture dish and incubated for 48 hours at 37[degrees]C in a cell incubator with an atmosphere of 5% C[O.sub.2] followed by treatment of 5% CSE for another 24 hours, or the cells were pretreated with 1 mM NAC or 2 mM VitC for 1 hour followed by the induction of CSE treatment for another 24 hours, respectively.
VitC readily functions as one or two electron-reducing agents for many oxidants and serves as a primary chemical antioxidant in most cell types.
TRATAMENTOS PMF pH SS AT VITC AV Embalagem PET 1,272a 4,01a 8,716a 0,364a 80,095a 3,333a Bandejacom 2,915b 4,13b 8,916b 0,343b 64,131b 4,000b isopor C.V (%) 32,27 1,22 7,14 4,9 18,27 10,42 Medias seguidas da mesma letra na linha nao diferem entre si, pelo teste de Tukey.