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VITEVirtual Interactive Teaching Environment (UK)
VITEVanuatu Institute of Teachers' Education
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As might be expected, several essays focus on the Vite of individual artists past or present: Vasari's heroes (Giotto and Masaccio) and villains (Piero di Cosimo) as well as his contemporaries, friends (Salviati) or foes (Cellini), alike.
Raditsa lays this trap herself by interspersing her gouache and casein paintings with drawings of the vite maritata grapevines.
Recipe for success: Deborah Parks, multi-skilled operative, Neil Jones, Retail Manager, and Jackie Stone, qualified chef, at Cafe Vite.
Smith was full of praise for the fighting qualities that Vite Royale displayed and said a change of tactics had made the difference in a close run race.
cries the director into his radio, plus vite backdrops in a bluish blur,
Storie di Vite Pinot Grigio 2008 is a cut well above the run-of-the-mill Italian Pinot Grigio.
The Vite Plus Single Wall Sports Bottle ($15) is a 730-ml narrow bottle perfect for bicycle cages and car cup holders.
Following the text of the article in English and French, Vite and Boechat (both affiliated with the International Centre for the Rights of Children Deprived of their Family) present an in-depth analysis of the article's scope and provisions, member States' obligations under it, and its relation to other international human rights instruments.
This collection of essays, which focuses primarily on the vite of Baldinucci and Domenico, provides a welcome recontextualization of these and related writings, expanding the historiography of Bernini's biographies in particular, and the field of artistic biography as a whole.
Certes, cela signifie que les moments difficiles ne durent pas E[umlaut]ternellement, car le temps passe vite et avec lui les peines et parfois les joies, mais restent les souvenirs que le temps n'efface pas toujours.
Illinois Retail Merchants Association (IRMA) President and CEO David Vite condemned the Chicago City Council's passage of a big-box living wage ordinance, calling it a blow to the city's economic development and a loss for thousands of job seekers.
Vite italiane by Ugo Skubikowski is the latest cultural reader published by this author with the University of Toronto Press.