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VITRIOLVisita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invennies Occultum Lapidem
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'Amid all the lies, vitriol and violence peddled by government officials like Mocha Uson, people will rally around the truth,' he said.
"The level of vitriol directed at individual employees and elected members of the council by some was wholly unacceptable."
But never has the vitriol been meant as a personal attack - apart from against Villa fans, obviously.
Claire said: "I had heard about trolls and keyboard warriors, projecting their misery and vitriol onto others through insults.
But amid the vitriol came an observation completely from leftfield.
What I don't understand is the continuing nasty vitriol spouting to this day from mouths like George Galloway and certain current members of the Labour Party.
Which chemical compound was formerly known as vitriol? 2.
FA general secretary Alex Horne admitted he was stunned at the vitriol poured on England, saying: "Once a couple of people had got up and said it they poured more vitriol on to us.
This combination of punk ethos and vitriol makes this particular French export an electrifying listening prospect.
In her speech Rice also urged an end to what she called "anti-Israel vitriol" at the United Nations, where the General Assembly is expected to debate the Goldstone report on war crimes carried out during Israel's war on Gaza earlier this year.
I CAN'T believe the vitriol that is being poured on the One Park West building by certain sectors of the architectural community.