VITTVehicle Integration Test Team (US NASA)
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Vitt says she is excited about her new role and has done fieldwork at several local preserves since she moved to Illinois about 20 years ago.
David Vitt, Kulshan Brewing Company, At-Large Board Member
En general, los integrantes del genero Aspidoscelis, poseen caracteristicas ecologicas, conductuales, fisiologicas y morfologicas similares, con modo de forrajeo activo, preferencia por habitats abiertos, con tacticas de escape altamente especializadas para evadir depredadores (Vitt & Breitenbach, 1993; Pianka & Vitt, 2003).
calidipes presents the general pattern of wide-foraging behavior typical of the family Teiidae (Pianka and Vitt 2003) with a diet composed mainly of relatively sedentary prey.
"Lefty Gomez to Help Vitt Prepare Hearst All-Stars," San Antonio Light, August 13, 1950.
Vitt is not only well versed in organic food, she also shops for it exclusively.
Even if that happens, Vitt said, his company's competitive response may be to "wave the flag and say 'We have all-you-can-eat.'"
edracantha, similar to its diet in adyacent Tropical Pacific Forest (Jordan 2010) and to other Ameiva species, such Ameiva festiva (Vitt & Zani 1996), Ameiva ameiva (Vitt & Colli 1994, Vitt et al.
The later has been attributed to be a consequence of its adaptive morphology, expressed in the wide and large of head, for example (Vitt 1983), which suggest that several of these species are not adapted to ophiophagy.
Jeff Vitt, president of Tower Financial, is giving boutique firms like Baird and Barclays Wealth a run for their money.