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VITTAVictorian Information Technology Teachers Association (Australia)
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Head: Arista bare; clypeus strongly convex, entirely microsetulose; palpus parallelsided, densely microsetulose, with a few small setulae, but lacking outstanding setae; lower frons flat, projecting slightly anterior to eyes, supra-antennal shelf distinct; frontal vitta with small, elevated area restricted to upper 1/2; lower 1/2 of frons flat with straight margin; 2 pairs of fronto-orbital setae, posterior pair usually at or behind level of ocelli.
0 times wider than frontal vitta, without inter frontal setae; palpus black, 4/5 length of prementum; pra longer than anterior notopleural seta, about 2.
Bedwas battled purposefully, with Phil Dolman kicking a penalty and Scott Horner going over for a try, but Vitta and Hill replied to ensure Newport's best home win of the season.
Caput vero muniant vitta candida, et velum desuper nigrum, et pro tonsura capillorum pileum agninum, cum opus fuerit supponatur' (PL, CLXXVIII, cols 301A-302B; ed.
5): Ground colour wholly dark or to varying extent ochre-yellow on prothoracic parts, covered in thick light grey to olive-grey dusting, on middle third of mesonotum sometimes with a median brown vitta.
It's our goal to help make cooking, prepping and organizing easier," said Theresa Vitta, Vice President of the Merillat brand.
vitta and, in particular, length-weight relationships, size and age compositions, growth, size and age at maturity, duration of the spawning period, and mortality.
Vitta Randazzo, un membre de la Commission Medias et Publicite du comite organisateur a indique que le centre pour les medias a pour objet de reduire le volume de travail des journalistes qui vont couvrir l'evenement.
Also interesting will be Joanne Vitta from Oldham's impression of a star closer to home - Scotland's Sharleen Spiteri of Texas.
Frons with three vittae: (1) brown vitta running from inner vertical seta to anterior margin of frons, (2) brown vitta extending from anterodorsal margin of eye to anterior margin of frons, (3) short black vitta running from inner margin of eye to base of antenna.
Drew (1989) reported that there were various characters in the presence of a medial postsutural vitta and the absence of a prescutellar bristle among species belonging to subgenus Bactrocera.