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VITUVoyage Into the Unknown (UK)
VITUVirtual Information Technology University (Pakistan)
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8) George Dura and Liliana Vitu (2008), "Moldova" in: Nations in Transit 2008, Freedom House, Budapest, p.
So do BrusselsAE much-sought-after antiques, tailor-made garments and furniture, Vitu said.
Auxiliarity in Tamil, with Special Reference to Auxiliary Verbs iru, viTu and KoLLu.
Underbank: (from): Shaw, Aka, St Hilaire, Kirby, Brown, Vitu, Simpson, Wilde, Pollock, Bahadori (B), Bahadori (K), Keegan, Smith, Wright, Smalley, Lyon, Hall, Devlin, Brooke, Hird, Stephenson.
The 120-strong population on the island of Vitu Levu believes this cursed them to hardship and poverty ever since.
For 12-year-old HIV victim Daniela Vitu, who has seen eight of her young friends die this year, things could soon become even tougher.
MBA Delta iron sands mine, located at the mouth of Ba River on the northwest coast of Vitu Levu island in Fiji, is the primary mining project of Amex Resources (Amex).
They fear children such as 12-year-old HIV sufferer Daniela Vitu, who has already seen 11-year-old Vasile Luprescu and other young friends die, will also perish as a result of the aid ban.
Your little boxes meant the world to children like 12-year-old AIDS victim Daniela Vitu.