VIUVancouver Island University (Nanaimo, BC, Canada)
VIUVenice International University (Venice, Italy)
VIUVirginia International University (Fairfax, Virginia)
VIUValue in Use (pricing)
VIUVehicle Interface Unit
VIUVehicle Identification Unit
VIUVoice Interface Unit
VIUVendor Interface Unit
VIUVisual Interface Unit
VIUVisual Internal Urethrotomy (surgical procedure)
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To Coast Capital Savings, the VIU community, Arthur Vickers, and all those who participated in this dream of creative partnership, I honor you.
Specifically, Valuation Research Corporation, my former appraisal company, uses the following definitions for VIU and VIE:
to adopt and champion tuition waivers for kids in care," said Turpel-Lafond, noting that VIU now has 41 students enrolled in the program.
Our VIU was designed to protect and extend an organization's investment in legacy systems.
business group-Manager of Business Analysis/Finance, VIU Salesman at DuPont, Wilmington, Del.
Note to Editors: iMedium and VIU are trademarks of iMedium, Inc.
DLP(R) Cinema, NVIDIA, Mitsubishi, Real D, VIU, Alienware, DDD, In Three, XpanD, and 3ality Digital join forces to present the 3D Film & Interactive Festival Las Vegas.
Voice Interface Units - VIU with microphone and speaker, back-lit
Other components of the OnLAN system include the Video Gateways, providing LAN/WAN connectivity, and the VIU - Video Interface Unit.
VIU also received two silver and one bronze award for self-marketing pieces featuring colorful 3D artwork of butterflies and a dimensional cube.
The items purchased will allow VIU to continue selling movie standees, posters, and bus shelters into the entertainment industry and other key markets.