VIUVancouver Island University (Nanaimo, BC, Canada)
VIUVersatile Interface Unit
VIUVideotext Interface Unit
VIUVideo Interface Unit
VIUVoiceband Interface Unit
VIUVenice International University (Venice, Italy)
VIUVirginia International University (Fairfax, Virginia)
VIUVisual Internal Urethrotomy (surgical procedure)
VIUVideo Interface Unit (various companies)
VIUValue in Use (pricing)
VIUVehicle Interface Unit
VIUVehicle Identification Unit
VIUVoice Interface Unit
VIUVendor Interface Unit
VIUVisual Interface Unit
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Countries like Portugal and the Netherlands, however, want to delete the French Presidency's reference linking a member state forbidding another state's VIU from investing in an ownership unbundling TSO to Article 30 of the treaty (non-economic reasons).
Specifically, Valuation Research Corporation, my former appraisal company, uses the following definitions for VIU and VIE:
Our VIU was designed to protect and extend an organization's investment in legacy systems.
To Coast Capital Savings, the VIU community, Arthur Vickers, and all those who participated in this dream of creative partnership, I honor you.
Esses fetos foram divididos em 3 grupos de acordo com o tempo de VIU.
Ralph Nilson, VIU president, during a two-day conference in Nanaimo.
AFN National Chief Shawn Atleo, who is also the chancellor of VIU, made the announcement on July 21 at the 31st annual AFN General Assembly held at the Winnipeg Convention Centre in Manitoba.
Because we love VIU more, here are the main reasons why you'll surely enjoy bonding with your family and friends this Christmas:
In the trailer (available via Viu app by simply texting VIU (space) PROMO (space) ON to 2948), the clip shows Lee Jong-suk and Suzy, the lead actors of the series, gazing at each other while standing on a snowy street.