VIUSVehicle Inventory and Use Survey
VIUSVisual Image User Study (Pennsylvania State University)
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890's transmission planning principles were undoubtedly directed at VIUs. FERC's continued support of electricity market restructuring, even after the California crisis, clearly indicated that it viewed RTO flaws as less serious than VIU defects.
The two remaining VIUS employees, Andrew Croce and Brian Neff, were brought onto the Inverse team and Inverse will take over VIUS' Fishtown office.
The VIUS data are derived from a survey sent every five years by the Census Bureau to a random sample of truck owners in the United States (U.S.
Li pechies * est vius et malveis, Dont l'arme ([dagger]) est souple et li cors vais Por le diable qui l'esfroie.
Digital technology can be exploited to make it easier for this wider clientele to access, explore, and use musical sound in ways similar to those envisioned for visual resources by the VIUS project.
The combination of gateways and VIU terminal adapters for group video systems permits AANet users to communicate between campus local area networks and the Internet via Frame Relay.
Mentrestant, els convidats tallaven mes carn dels cossos dels noiets impurs, pero sense afectar cap organ vital, ja que era part essencial del pathos exigit a la cerimonia que els sacrificats restessin vius fins a 1'ultim moment: calia que fossin ben conscients que eren devorats.
Under the non-retroactive level playing field clause a vertically integrated company/undertaking - VIC or VIU in EU jargon - would not be able to buy an unbundled independent system operator (ISO) in another EU state.