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VIVOVideo In, Video Out (video cards)
VIVOVoice-In/Voice-Out (talking computers)
VIVOVideo Input, Video Output
VIVOVegan Interest, Vegan Outreach (campus group; vegetarian foods)
VIVOVlaams Instituut Voor Orgelkunst (Dutch: Flemish Institute for Organ Art; Belgium)
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According to PhoneArena, Vivo is the first company to launch a handset with quad HD display.
The Vivo portfolio has also been expanded to include new calling options.
We are delighted with how popular Vivo has become and the fact we have sold 75% of the homes here shows we are building exactly what the area's buyers are looking for in a new home.
Full control of Vivo would offset the impact of slowing revenues from Telefonica s largely mature businesses in Europe.
The only way to confirm this slight effect of mosquito transmission on early and late viremia would be to duplicate the exact distribution of in vivo transmission titers by needle injections.
10] M), underlining the sensitivity of this in vivo method to assess actions of chemicals interfering with low physiologic amounts of [T.
In its constant search to provide clients with efficient solutions, VIVO offers a competitive differential with CDMA technology -- considered the basis of Third Generation cellular telephone worldwide according to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) -- with coverage and modernity, allied with the innovative nature of its voice and data transmission services, such as access to broad band mobile internet, video transmission and other online communication formats.
In 1994 Henderson entered the Irish Republic with Vivo and there are now 53 retailers with a turnover of more than 35m [pounds sterling].
2) first proposed that poly(ether)urethanes were susceptible to in vivo oxidation of the polyether chain.
Now, Teicher and her colleagues have discovered striking differences between chemotherapy resistance in vivo and in vitro.
PLM Vivo, Built on Oracle's Agile PLM, Enables Companies to Implement Product Lifecycle Management in Just 13 Weeks and Reduce Implementation Costs by 66 Percent
com)-- Altogen Biosystems has developed a highly efficient in vivo transfection reagent capable of delivery cargo molecules (siRNA, miRNA, pDNA, and small proteins) into multiple tissues including spleen, kidney, pancreas, liver, and tumors.