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VIXVolatility Index (Chicago Board of Exchange)
VIXMarket Volatility Index
VIXVienna Internet Exchange
VIXVitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil - Eureco Sales (Airport Code)
VIXVirtual Internet Exchange
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Generally speaking, a low VIX suggests risks in the stock market are modest and share prices should trend higher.
In other words, the recent VIX spike was a great example of a financial market losing touch with underlying fundamentals, due to a technical event.
Given this example, it's no surprise that the VIX has become a bit of a rock star.
The investment it the UVXY (ProShares Trust Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures exchange-traded fund) and the TVIX (VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX Short-Term exchange-traded note) have almost tripled from the beginning of March, at the moment both of them have more than $1.
Por isso, os mesmos testes neste artigo sao feitos para um periodo sem crise, onde o VIX permaneceu abaixo dos 20% e para periodo da crise imobiliaria americana, onde o VIX ficou acima deste patamar.
India VIX signifies the investors sentiment in near-term for the next 30 calendar days.
In this article, the first of two, we'll discuss the background of the VIX, discover how it works, look at a few of its applications, and explore its potential to warn investors of an impending stock market correction.
Trading in VIX futures set new single-day volume records on consecutive days during the month as 791,788 contracts traded on October 15 and 616,906 contracts traded on October 14.
A number of spikes in the VIX have been notably large, and several of the largest occurred during the recovery from the financial crisis.
VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Mid-Term ETN (ZIV) is the older brother to XIV, and performed nearly as well, returning 88.
A case in point is The Economist saying that when Obama was elected in 2009, the VIX stood at 46, but "[a]t the start of his second term, by contrast, the Dow hit a five-year high, while a widely followed index of investor fear called the VIX reached a near-six-year low.
With the VIX at five-year lows, investors could be said to be feeling complacent.