VJHVernon Jubilee Hospital (est. 1981; Vernon, British Columbia, Canada)
VJHVictoria Jubilee Hospital (Kingston, Jamaica)
VJHVidalia Junior High (Vidalia, LA)
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The jump mat software has the GCT and flight time (ms), the VJH in centimeters (cm) and efficiency automatically displayed in a chart.
The data of the force plate were collected as follows: the GCT during the first foot contact until the foot breaks contact again (in milliseconds: ms) was measured and the VJH (in millimeters: mm) was calculated.
The Pearson correlation coefficient (r) was calculated for the association between the values VJH and GCT of the force plate and the jump mat.
The VJH on the jump mat represent larger values for heights compared to the force plate, and this difference increases slightly with larger jump heights.
A very strong correlation was determined between the two devices (HE jump mat and force plate) for VJH and GCT.
More studies should be conducted of different intensities of stretching such as sub- threshold static stretching and stretching at a discomfort threshold with the use of different techniques of VJ (drop jump and the squat jump) in order to verify the influence in the VJH performance.
Our goal is to transform VJH into a world class health care institution.