VKAVereinigung der kommunalen Arbeitgeberverbände (Germany)
VKAVitamin K Antagonist
VKAVerband Kaufmännischer Agenten Der Schweiz (Association of Swiss Commercial Agents)
VKAVictorian Karting Association (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
VKAVeronica's Kissing Army (fan club)
VKAVolatile Keying Assembly
VKAVerdonck Klooster Associates BV (Zoetermeer, Netherlands)
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In our patient, the anticoagulant treatment was initiated with LMWH, and continued with VKA (acenocoumarol).
* If the patient has received a VKA at the time of diagnosis it should be reversed by administering intravenous
A network meta-analysis of 21 RCTs, which included data from 96,017 patients, examined the effectiveness of 7 interventions to prevent stroke in patients with NVAF: 4 NOACs, VKA, aspirin, and LAAC; the analysis compared VKA with the other interventions.
Conversely, the same period recorded a fall in use of VKA and antiplatelet (combined or not) from 83.4 percent to 50.6 percent.
Often, newly diagnosed thrombotic risk patients receive DOAC prescriptions, whereas patients with historical successful maintenance on VKA probably will not be transitioned to DOACs.
Medicines like warfarin and phen-procoumon are among the pharmaceuticals used for blood clot prevention, and are known as Vitamin K antagonists (VKA).They have been proven to be very effective in reducing stroke risk with minimal side effects.
Current guidelines recommend the use of 4-factor prothrombin complex concentrate (4F-PCC) over fresh frozen plasma for the emergent correction of coagulopathy in patients with vitamin K antagonist (VKA)-associated major bleeding.
In contrast to the strict dietary precautions VKA users have to follow, NOACs pharmacodynamics are not affected by dietary intake [25].
Ebola virus hastaligi damlacik ve direkt temas yoluyla bulasan VKA'dir.
Institute for Combustion Engines (VKA) RWTH Aachen University Forckenbeckstr.
Patient follow-up during the study Phases of follow-up Patients, n Screening phase Screened for thrombosis 126 Confirmed thrombosis 99 Deaths 0 In-hospital follow-up Treated with VKA + LMWH 91 Treated with LMWH only 5 Deaths * 3 Post-hospitalisation follow-up <3 months 19 [greater than or equal to] 3 months 57 Lost to follow-up 11 Deaths * 9 VKA = vitamin K antagonist; LMWH = low-molecular-weight heparin.