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VKDVirtual Keyboard Device Driver
VKDVirtual Keyboard Device
VKDVitamin K-Dependent (proteins)
VKDVitamin K Deficiency
VKDVisual-Kinesthetic Dissociation (psychology)
VKDDrone Control Aircraft
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It was concluded that the optimal bacterial density for VKD's PLBs is 0.8 at [OD.sub.600 nm].
The frequency of gusA expressing VKD PLBs was 23.3% and 33.6% when the infection period was 10 and 20 minutes, respectively, which is lesser compared to 30 minutes.
This shows that VKD PLBs have successfully transformed using A.
Contrarily, VKD's PLBs do not express any signs of toxicity and remain viable at the highest concentration of kanamycin (50 ppm).
A number of factors such as PLB size, level of wounding, concentration of acetosyringone, cocultivation period, Agrobacterium density, and immersion period were studied to improve the Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of VKD PLBs.
Thus, inclusion of 200 [micro]M acetosyringone to the cocultivation medium reduces the recalcitrant effect of VKD orchid PLB.
Although 2-3 days of cocultivation is standard for most transformation protocols [11], VKD PLBs proved that it requires a longer cocultivation period.
Examination on immersion time indicated that 30 minutes was optimum for transforming VKD's PLBs (Figure 4(f)) although 10 and 20 minutes produced appreciable level transient GUS expression.
tumefaciens proves that VKD PLBs were successfully transformed by A.
A simplified procedure for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation has been designed for VKD PLBs.
En conclusion, los resultados de esta investigacion sugieren que un rango de INR entre 1,5 y 1,9 podria ser suficiente para inhibir adecuadamente los factores de la coagulacion VKD y de esta manera proveer un esquema de anticoagulacion seguro y eficaz en la prevencion del TEV recurrente y de las complicaciones hemorragicas asociadas a la terapia con warfarina, especialmente en pacientes con alto riesgo de TEV recurrente y/o de hemorragias.