VKLVirtual Kicker League (German online game)
VKLViikonloppu (Finnish: weekend)
VKLVoedselKwaliteit Loonwerk (Dutch_
VKLViestinnän Keskusliitto (Federation of the Finnish Media Industry)
VKLVerband Katholisches Landvolk (German: Association of Catholic Peasantry)
VKLVereniging Klantordergestuurde Logistiek (Dutch: Customer-Driven Logistics Association)
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We are very excited to work with VKL and the Marimbula brand for the Oman market, as it gives us something new and exciting to offer to this region.
Following the signature of a 550-keys, Park Regis Resort in the UAE the day before, I am encouraged by the future expansion plans into the region and confident that this partnership with VKL Group reflects our commitment to grow our presence in the Middle East Region.
The newly signed agreements appoint Al Namal Contracting, a subsidiary of VKL Holdings, to complete construction on the remaining nine buildings within the first compound, which are expected to be completed by October this year.
As approved by common and preferred shareholders of all four funds, VKL, PIA and VIM (the acquired funds) were merged with and into VMO on Oct.
Well known for their achievements in the real estate sector, Bahrain-based Al Namal Group and VKL Group, have also made major inroads in health and hospitality divisions.
The shopping centre is being built on land opposite Salmaniya Medical Complex by Al Namal and VKL Group of Companies.
MoU between VKL Holding Company and Ansal Buildwell to jointly develop housing and real estate projects as well as infrastructure projects in India and Bahrain.
VKL Group chairman and managing director Varghese Kurian commented: "Hawar Islands are a beautiful group of islands recognised as a world heritage site due to the island's unique environment, which attracts tourists for the ambience, water sports, local culture and the relaxed friendly atmosphere.
The shopping centre is being built on land opposite Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) by Al Namal and VKL Group of Companies.
The 10-year deal will see Calicut-based Baby Memorial Hospital managing the Middle East Hospital in Bahrain, said VKL Holdings Company managing director and Al Namal Group chairman Varghese Kurian.
As for the compressors themselves, the most recent additions to the SURELY[R] line are the VKS, VK and VKL reciprocating compressor series, which features 4, 6 and 8 cylinder compressors for single or two-stage applications.
The VK and VKL compressors, part of the Surely line, include two, four and eight-cylinder models for single or two-stage operations.