VKSVirtual Knowledge Studio
VKSVocabulary Knowledge Scale (Wesche and Paribakht)
VKSVanuatu Kaljoral Senta (Bislama: Vanuatu Cultural Center)
VKSVirginia Ki Society (est. 1974)
VKSVan Kampen Strategic Sector Municipal Trust (New York)
VKSVirtual Key System
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"Our VKS platform was the only non-lethal source capable of complying with the U.S.
The curtains are not going to come down on OPS- VKS show too soon.
The VKS mean score in pilot testing was 1.22 (the maximum score for the 24 target words was 48), which confirmed that the words used in the study were unfamiliar to the participants.
While there are many decision making theories and framework in existence such as rational decision making collective decision making collaborative decision making and normative decision theory we adopt ADM as the theoretical approach for this study because ADM focuses on providing a means of understanding of how adjustment of implicit and tacit forms of knowledge specifically making decisions during a crisis are able to aid in providing operational continuity and subsequent critical infrastructure recovery based on the VKS. However little has known regarding VKS in supporting crisis management.
The Vocabulary Knowledge Scale (VKS, Paribakht & Wesche, 1993, 1996, 1997; Wesche & Paribakht, 1996) was administered with a repeated measure design to assess the retention of inferred meanings.
The latest recall is for knee implants from the TC-PLUS, VKS and RT-PLUS ranges.
Das hier vorgelegte Belegmaterial entstammt im Wesentlichen den Worterbuchern (EMS, IMS, KKS, LW, SMS, VKS, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]).
As for the compressors themselves, the most recent additions to the SURELY[R] line are the VKS, VK and VKL reciprocating compressor series, which features 4, 6 and 8 cylinder compressors for single or two-stage applications.
Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov and chairperson of the Supreme Court of Cassation (VKS) Lozan Panov were absent from the meeting of VSS.
The prosecutors' college now includes nine members and Bulgaria's Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov, whose role in the council is secured under the law.Twelve elected members make up the judges' college, alongside the heads of the Supreme Court of Cassation (VKS) and Supreme Administrative Court (VAS), Lozan Panov and Georgi Kolev.