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VLAVery Large Array (Radiotelescope)
VLAVenezuela (Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela)
VLAVeterinary Laboratories Agency (UK)
VLAVolunteer Lawyers for the Arts (New York, NY)
VLAVirginia Library Association
VLAVolume License Agreement
VLAVertical Launch ASROC
VLAVariable Length Array
VLAVery Large Aircraft
VLAvertical line array (US DoD)
VLAVisual Landing Aid
VLAVirtual Learning Agent (SurfControl plc)
VLAVery Low Altitude
VLAVented Lead Acid (Battery)
VLAVerification Loads Analysis
VLAVisible Light Absorptance
VLAVertical Launch ASW Rocket
VLAViterbi-Like Algorithm
VLAValley Landlords Association (Waynesboro, VA)
VLAVehicle Lashing Assembly (DoD)
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The leading players in ILS and VLA market include Astronics Corporation (U.
Many VLA centres deal with a narrow spectrum of species but the centre at Thirsk receives samples from cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry.
Established in 1989, through the efforts of the Artists Foundation, the city of Boston's Office of Cultural Affairs and the Boston Bar Association, the VLA is the only organization in the state that is designed to specifically address the legal concerns of the arts community.
The VLA provides a legal referral program to artists and arts and cultural organizations from all creative disciplines including, among others, the visual arts, performing arts, music, literary arts, dance, film, and video.
So computers coordinate signals from each VLA antenna to operate as one 22-mile wide mega-telescope.
The architects of the VLA were determined to ensure that veterans would make a success of their operations, and remain on their holdings.
whether or not VLA had done all it could to make paraprofessionals
The VLA is an interferometer ; meaning it operates by multiplying the data from each pair of telescopes together to form interference patterns.
The BITE2 and BITE2P not only have enough current to test large VLA batteries, but also have the current to test low resistance inter-cell connections as well as string continuity.
They compared an image made in 2014 with an earlier VLA image from 1996.
According to a new market research report " Commercial Aircraft Lighting Market by Technology (LED, OLED, Custom Controlled Light, Photoluminescent Light), Geography (Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East-Africa, North America, Latin America), & by Aircraft Type (NB, WB, VLA and RTA) - Forecasts & Analysis (2014 - 2020)", published by MarketsandMarkets, The market is estimated to be at $1469.
But observations from the VLA radio observatory show something different: a large number of regions of ionized hydrogen (so-called HII regions) that are very small.