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VLABVirginia Latino Advisory Board (Richmond, VA)
VLABVeterinary Laboratory Animal Building (Purdue University; Indiana)
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Virtual models of our CEVA DSPs integrated with VWorks VLAB enable complete system validation of hardware and software, parallelizing the development cycle.
Partners and sponsors for the events include Invest in Western France, Dow Jones Venture Source, VLAB MIT/Stanford Venture Lab, Europe+ Foundation, Nair & Co.
CTS 2008 sponsors include Dow Jones Venture Source, VLAB MIT/Stanford Venture Lab, Invest in Western France, Europe+ Foundation, Nair & Co.
By leveraging Element K's vLabs technology to deliver our course requirements, Verizon Business is able to deliver an advanced virtual classroom to a large technical audience scattered around the globe," said Michael Sunderman, executive director of learning and development for Verizon Business.
The TRM and Autonet solutions are custom modules deployable within vLabs CABEM's flagship product for the equipment safety and qualification testing.
At the end of the day, the whole team will meet up in the Valley for an exclusive panel discussion at VLabs in the heart of the prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business.