VLACVermont Large Animal Clinic (Milton, VT)
VLACVenous Lactate (medical)
VLACVinyl-Lined Asbestos Cement Pipe
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To catch students when they're available, full-time teachers cover the day instructions, part-time adjunct teachers fill night hours and an academic help desk staffed by VLACS covers another hundred hours through the week.
One of VLACS' customers is Pittsfield School District, which started offering the VLACS option to its students several years ago.
The typical "day" at VLACS is really more comparable to distance-learning classes taught through colleges and universities than it is the traditional high-school experience.
Some of the students taking classes at VLACS are supplementing courses taken at their "brick and mortar" school with a class or two at the online academy, spending the time online during a traditional study hall, computer lab or at home.