VLAPVolunteer Lake Assessment Program (New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services)
VLAPVisual Laser Ablation of Prostate (urology)
VLAPVisual Laser-Assisted Prostatectomy
VLAPVelocity-enhanced Long-range Artillery Projectile
VLAPVolunteer Loan Assistance Program (Pennsylvania)
VLAPVisually-Guided Laser Ablation of the Prostate
VLAPVietnam Laboratory Assistance Program (now called Naval Science Assistance Program)
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Since its inception in 1977, the VLAP has made more than $240 million in low-interest loans available to the Commonwealth's volunteer emergency services community and has become a model for other states.
The rates of incontinence and sexual dysfunction have been reportedly also significantly reduced with the VLAP technique.
Regarding the Republic of Moldova the Commission considers that it meets all the benchmarks set in the four blocks of the second phase of the VLAP.
The new procedure is known as VLAP (Visual Laser Ablation of the Prostate).
Among the advantages of VLAP are reduced patient stay, and fewer post-operative complications.