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VLASVancouver Lymphadenopathy-AIDS Study (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
VLASVirginia Legal Aid Society, Inc.
VLASVariational Lidar Assimilation System
VLASVisual Linear Analogue Scale
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Abbreviations: ADL = activity of daily living; COPM = Canadian Occupational Performance Measure; DASH = Disability of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand; FPST = Flinn Performance Screening Tool; IADL = instrumental ADL; IRB = Institutional Review Board; MCP = metacarpophalangeal; OI = overuse injury; ROM = range of motion; VLA = valued life activities.
Vlas acknowledged that the programmes out of the US and Europe would have some impact but disagrees it affects overall global consumption.
Easy-to-use, Novation[R] Indulge 2740 has a neutral flavour profile and is highly versatile, making it suitable for use in all common dairy-based pudding, custard and vla applications.
Two shows in one, The Icebox features the work of five invited artists (co-curated by Leslie Kaufman and Cheryl Harper) and ten others (selected by Harper and Adelina Vlas from 84 entries), resulting in a mix of video, installation, entropic objects and participatory art.
An example of those who trusted their instincts in the emerging Bulgarian property market can be seen at the Garden of Eden development in the village of St Vlas on the Black Sea.
De Vlas (2003), "The Epidemiological Impact of an HIV Vaccine on the HIV/ AIDS Epidemic in Southern India", The World Bank Policy Research Working Paper # 2978.
says lots of hotels are blighted by the eyesore of unfinished buildings and builders' debris, with a mind-boggling amount of work under way in St Vlas, which Balkan Holidays' 2006 brochures describes as "small" and "picturesque".
At St Vlas in Bulgaria they found a "mind-boggling" amount of building, but the 2006 Balkan Holidays description of the resort continues to call it "small" and "picturesque".
Magazine:A 'mind-boggling' amount of building work at St Vlas in Bulgaria, even though the Balkan Holidays company description of the resort had not changed between its summer 2005 and 2006 brochures.
The 29-year-old complaints investigator for Npower, has just paid pounds 47, 000 for an off-plan apartment in the Black Sea resort of St Vlas in Bulgaria.
We give instruction in these VLAs to pilots and LSOs so that they can safely execute landings aboard aircraft carriers at sea," NATTC instructor IC1 Thomas Murdock said.
At present, the airport operators think that Copenhagen does not provide a market big enough to attract the airlines that have so far signed up to operate VLAs such as the Airbus A380.