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2005), ademas, se ha establecido que la raza BON presenta alelos de resistencia a la infeccion por VLB (Hernandez 2010).
Peter Lilley, Tynemouth VLB chairman, said: "Three brigade members donned water rescue kit and worked with their colleagues from BDMLR and St Mary's Seal Watch to safely approach and secure the seal.
Material e Metodos: O presente utilizou 57 quartos mamarios com baixa contagem automatica de celulas somaticas (CCS [less than or equal to] 2 x [10.sup.5] celulas/mL) e negativos no exame bacteriologico, que foram divididos em: 1) 16 amostras provenientes de seis vacas infectadas pelo VLB sem alteracoes hematologicas, ou seja, alinfocitoticas (AL); 2) 17 amostras provenientes de cinco vacas infectadas pelo VLB manifestando LP, confirmado em intervalo de 110 dias; e 3) 24 amostras de oito animais nao infectados pelo VLB.
The Vibrio-like bacteria (VLB) presented the same as than the viable heterotrophic bacteria (H = 50.6; P < 0.001) (Figure 5).
Struktol also offers a vegetable-based version, VLB 618, with the same processing and optical properties as VLB 602.
MVB, VLB, and the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) agreed to offer the VLB Books in Print Catalog through MVB RightsLink--Powered by CCC, an automated and standardized rights trade system for small license deals within the German-language sector.
-- The Brewing Conference 2011 organized by the Germany based, Versuchs- und Lehranstalt fur Brauerei Berlin (VLB Berlin) and the Thailand Beer Industry Guild (TBIG).
Ce groupe editorial comprenait L'hexagone, VLB editeur et Typo; il etait la propriete, depuis 1990, de Sogides, groupe d'edition et de distribution.
Derrida, Jacques, L'oreille de l'autre: autobiographies, transferts, traductions; textes et debats avec Jacques Derrida, Montreal, VLB, 1982.
One is located in the Technical University of Munich, and the other being the Research and Training Institute for Brewing-Versuchs- und Lehranstalt fur Brauerei (VLB)--which is connected to the Berlin University of Technology and has strong brewery research activity.