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VLBWVery Low Birth Weight (less than 1500 grams)
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Almost one-third (32%) of the VLBW cohort had a mental health diagnosis on the DAWBA, which resembled findings from a recent study in Norway, reported Dr.
2%) VLBW infants born within the 39-month study period (October 2006 through January 2010) were consecutively recruited into the study.
The results of the VLBW infants in our neonatology unit obtained in the early period between 2002 and 2006 were considered as the results of the first period (13) and the data obtained in this study which we conducted between 2007 and 2011 were considered as the results of the second period.
Results: The mean EPDS score and the number of mothers with high depressive scores (EPDS>12) were significantly higher in mothers of infants with VLBW than in mothers of LBW and term infants.
Policies that address teen pregnancy and birth rates, substance abuse, and Medicaid providers are of particular value for the reduction of LBW and LBW, but not VLBW.
Gastrointestinal priming has emerged as a safe and effective practice with demonstrable beneficial effects for the VLBW by allowing earlier establishment of enteral nutrition, decreasing time of exclusive total parenteral nutrition and improving weight gain.
This study has demonstrated that supplemental BLF, either alone or in combination with LGG, reduces first episodes of late-onset sepsis in VLBW infants," concluded the authors.
Based on their pilot trial performed in 2005, Lin et al (18) performed a multicenter, randomized, masked, controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of probiotics in preventing NEC in VLBW infants in Taiwan.
However, in some instances, the amplitude of that effect differed with Black women being at greater risk for VLBW and very preterm births compared to White women.
The risk of severe, grade 3-4 intraventricular hemorrhage was higher among VLBW infants born as part of a multiple pregnancy (odds ratio 1.
The risk of VLBW was increased in babies of mothers who were exposed to concentrations of the combined pollutants above the 95th percentile of the exposure distribution (56.