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VLDVoltron Legendary Defender (series)
VLDVlaamse Liberalen en Democraten (Flemish Liberal Political Party)
VLDVisual Landscape Design
VLDVery Large Database
VLDVariable Length Data
VLDVisible Laser Diode
VLDVery Low Drag (bullet)
VLDVariable Length Decoding
VLDVehicle Loop Detector (electronics)
VLDVariable Length Decoder
VLDVisual Leak Detector
VLDValdosta, GA, USA - Valdosta Regional (Airport Code)
VLDVlaamse Liberaal-Democraten (Belgian liberal-democrats political party)
VLDVoluntary Lock Down
VLDVarsity Lincoln-Douglas
VLDVacuole-Like Dilations (cell membrane envaginations)
VLDView-Limiting Device
VLDVery Large Delay
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What makes the .300 PRC special is the combination of a standard magnum action with a heavy-for-caliber, VLD bullet.
BULLET WEIGHT] [BRAND] (GRAINS WEIGHT) GUN: RUGER HAWKEYE, 26-INCH BARREL Barnes Tipped TSX 100 Big Game 46.0 Nosier Ballistic Tip 100 Big Game 46.0 Nosier Ballistic Tip 120 Hunter 47.0 Hornady Spire Point 129 Hunter 46.0 Hornady A-Max 140 H4350 41.5 Berger Hunting VLD 140 Hunter 45.0 GUN: FIERCE EDGE, 24-INCH BARREL Barnes LRX 127 Hunter 46.0 Swift 130 Sirocco II Hunter 46.0 Berger 140 VLD H4350 41.5 Hornady 143 ELD-X IMR4451 43.0 GUN: RUGER AMERICAN PREDATOR, 22-INCH BARREL Barnes Tipped TSX 100 H414 44.5 Nosier LR AccuBond 129 IMR4451 43.5 Norma Golden Match 130 RL-16 44.0 Lapua Scenar 139 H4350 41.5 Berger VLD 140 H4350 41.5 Sierra MatchKing 142 IMR4451 43.0 Sierra MatchKing 142 RL-1B 43.0 Hornady ELD-X 143 IMR4451 43.0 BULLET VELOCITY GROUP SIZE [BRAND, TYPE.
I approached Berger as they were already marketing a 90 grain VLD. Like everyone, they had heard of Sierra's problems and they figured the market for a quality match 90 grain bullet was there.
The treatment with 1-MCP 1000ppb also kept the highest values of soluble carbohydrates during the period of cut inflorescences of Oncidium 'Samurai', differing significantly from others at 17 VLD (4.39g of glucose 100[g.sup.-1]).
The Open VLD liberals are in fourth position with a 13.6% share of votes in
The last government comprised the Flemish Christian Democrats (CD&V), the Flemish liberals (Open VLD) and French-speaking parties MR (liberals), PS (Socialists) and CdH (Humanist Democratic Centre).
Without the backing of the centre-right Open VLD, the remaining four parties in government still have 76 of the 150 seats in the lower house of parliament but it would be hard to govern with such a slim majority.
According to Bart Tommelein (Open VLD, Belgium), president of the Benelux Parliament, "the Benelux model is inspiring emulation on the banks of the Black Sea".
Another form of Force Development in the Air Force FM community is the Virtual Leadership Dialogue (VLD).
The Minister, a member of the Flemish Liberal VLD, part of the Federal Government coalition with the Socialists, indicated that it will take some nerve to table the dossier if the study shows that nuclear power is the best supply option for Belgium.
In the context of the Equinox product development, the sharing of the platform has meant that Mo Wazir, vehicle line director (VLD) for the Equinox, was able to take the knowledge that he'd gained from working on the Saturn VUE, for which he had been the vehicle line director (he got the Equinox position in April 2002), and put them to work in comparatively short order.